Legend Of Vengeance.

This Comic Will Tell the Back Story Of Saint Vengeance Before The possession of A fetus Later Known as Aaron Mounts. 

Tells From The Graveyard By:Saint Vengeance

Tells From the Graveyard By:Saint Vengeance Is Comic Books Hosted by Saint Vengeance in a universe of Horror and Freak Shows. 

Rebellious Angels

 Rebellious Angels is a Comic Book about different Rebellious Angels Who have Come together over time forming a Haven. There is strength in unity as they are struggling to survive on Earth. Their number's are slowly dwindling. This is a Tell about Heaven and Hell,Magic and Monstrosity. A Group of Angels Fallen From grace Taken on Two sides/Good And evil..Will they Eventually unite or Become an Extinct Race....Their Haven is being attack by Monsters of all Kinds through out time Leading Back to an Unknown Entity an Security Society Dating back as fare as Known Recorded time and Possibly Before Then........