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How to become A Model

What to Expect ?

So, what are the expenses a person should reasonably anticipate when considering a career in modeling? First, photography (and not necessarily with one photographer): Reasonable charges for photography — which should produce images which can be used to promote the model first to the agency, then to prospective clients — run from $500 to $1,500, not including makeup and enlargements. Many photographers who work for ad agencies or other commercial clients will test models for a minimal fee (figure $300 to $500) in order to meet and work with the model prior to a commercial shoot. In some instances, a qualified photographer may test for very little or nothing, but understand that the photographer under those circumstances may be more interested in getting a picture of interest to them than one of value to the model. Sometimes, an agency can arrange for a free test with a photographer the agency is interested in learning more about, but then again, the results are a matter of some conjecture (hence the need for the test).

Makeup and hair styling

Makeup and hair styling for photography shoots are also a responsibility of the model. Some models can do their own makeup, but this is an area of great importance to the finished result, and it really should be left to a qualified professional. Sources for referrals to a good makeup artist can be found through the agency, or through a qualified photographer. Costs for makeup can run as little as $50 for a short shoot, to as much as $300 or more for a longer one. A reasonable fee for a qualified artist for a typical portfolio shoot might be around $250. Don’t expect one session to produce more than two or three “looks” (changes in attire and makeup). Any more than that starts to become repetitive and the number of useful images drops dramatically.

Comp cards

Finally, composite cards are vital for marketing any model. These are normally a single “flip” card, 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches in size (although this can vary slightly), with normally one shot on the front, and three or four on the back. A great head shot normally is the “grabber” on the front, and the back would show images consistent with the type of work the model seeks on the back. The costs for these cards can run as little as $100, to as much as $1,500 or more for elaborate multi-fold, printed color cards.

Today, most new models (and many heavily booked veterans) have cards with both color and black and white images produced on specialized laser copiers for as little as $150 to $200 for 100 cards. Additional cards can be obtained quickly when they are needed, and new pictures can be inserted when desired on subsequent orders. After a model has the necessary four or five quality images this is the one marketing tool they must (I stress, must) have.

Agencies, particularly smaller market (or remote) agencies are increasingly using the internet as a communication and marketing tool. We are even seeing the major, large market agencies now “online.” Again, the agencies are charging the models for their inclusion on these websites (they do cost money), but the costs are typically low (figure $100 per year as a fair charge). Anything substantially higher than
that would be a red flag.

So, what does it cost to get started?

As a purely speculative number based on my analysis, lay aside $500 to $750 for photography (figuring two or three shoots), $200 to $300 for makeup and hair styling, $400 for cards, a portfolio book with six to eight high-quality enlargements, and maybe $100 for electronic media. This doesn’t include wardrobe, travel expenses, shoes, meals, living expenses, etc. Can it be done for less? Well, of course. Primarily in the area of photography, where trade outs are possible, but remember, the closer you cut the corners, the greater the risk in failing to get appropriate marketing materials.

Ongoing expenses include the cost of constantly updating and improving your photographic images (and here you can get help, as you work with photographers and find people who give you quality work, you can frequently work out trades for time), replacing old cards with new images, hair care, wardrobe, travel to meet new clients, agents, and photographers. Hopefully, by this point in your career, your agency should be taking care of your placements, so these expenses will just become part of the normal cost of doing business.

What We Offer

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