QUOTE:In life, music has been my greatest teacher.It is the fabrication of my Hole being. To me, there is no good or bad music no right or wrong music just emotion, expression and sound rather noise that can be shattering and smashing or smooth and full of rhythm.Music is the language of the spirit the passion of one's soul. st.vengeance 

What is St.Vengeance

St.Vengeance is The Embodiment of a Divine and or Demonic Entity, Whos Voice can be heard through the media, The Most Evil And Darkest voice in our Hearts And Head, The Fury and Anger followed by silence, The calm before the storm and the destruction that follows after.The body of Saint Vengeance is formed through the mass of his fan base, A symbol, and voice for those who have been wronged greatly, His legacy Lives on forever through his angels and chosen successor.Chosen Once Every 1OO Years.   

Short Bio

Saint Vengeance was born in Columbus Ohio on 04/11/1989 And started to draw and write music at the age of ten.

Saint Vengeance Has always had a passion for Horrorcore and Gangster Rap Rock Music. Over the years He has begain to put His skills to work Forming a group called Rebellious Angels,co stareing with some New and Vary Brilent Talents. Saint Vengeance is knowen As A Poet/RockStare. 





Mission Statement

Saint Vengeance Has Plugde To Take His Revenge and Rath Out Upon The Word And His Enemys Through His Music, And Summon A Army Of Rebellious Angels. 

Word's Hurt Fare Worse Than Any Punch And It's Impact can Last Forever!


His Career Has Only Just Begain,Promising to Leave a Impact On The Underground and Proving His Rivals Wrong. Saint Vengeance Comes Along With Flames and Fire and Ruthlessness.

Saint Vengeance is vary Raw And serves Bold Content, Destorying His compatition Lyricaly. Nothing Hurts More Than The Truth. 

Saint Vengeance Got's Word Of Mouth and Protected Under The Constitution. 



Music can be the best therapy for the Artist or Listener, In St.Vengeance case Its The Healing Prosses of being Alienated A outcast and outlaw in a world that is cold, judgmental and unaccepted. the voice for those unwilling to conform and comply by the corporate elite fighting against oppression for the right to live and let live.The radical voice for those crying out for help. A crazed and tortured American Fighting to keep His way of life. Fighting to keep his country and freedom from an ever-changing global invasion brainwashing and enslaving the masses. Anarchy and Freedom sometimes can be the same thing.....In this case an Artist's Radical Rebellious la liberty....its time for the lyrical Purge...........

What You Hear:

I make Music about Deplorable People like Child Molesters, Rapists, Terrorists, Bullies, Serial Killers, Dictators, Oppressors, Bigots, Discriminate Racists Etc as a Two-Edged Sword of the Lord breathing a Mini Jason. My Music is Written with the same concept of the Bible as a fantasy spin-off like Dante's Inferno in a way as a Dark Prophet as an Angel of Death. Never in My Music will I ever Say a real-life Person's Name though. Real-life Stories will be Enter Twined. A Series of Poetry Written through the Eyes of a Demonically Possessed Thug As Ghetto Gospel.Like A Spellbook Like A Necronomicon Like A Diary of a Gangsta. I Am A Hood Ninja, Not A Rapper. I Don't Play around with Reality but what's Real I will leave up to the Listeners.